CrystalNeacole fashion tips!!!!!

Today my good people is Friday, so as the fall enter our lives there are things that I just don’t want to see. . Ladies and gents jeggings are a life saver for some and a big comfort for most. Although you may buy you a great pair that doesn’t mean the next pair will be the best choice for you.

Painted on pockets, see through and thin jeggings is always a no no. Not only are you disrespecting the whole genre of the jegging trend, you look cheap and unclassy. It’s nobody business how much you pay for your clothing. The whole idea is to look more than what you paid for. I could have bought my shirt for a buck, but you will never know.

These fashion yuck jeggings are a clear sign of cheapest at it’s finest. Whom ever is designing these sorry lazy excuse as a jeans please stop. People please stop purchasing them as well. 

 Love, peace and fashion my friends…

 Until next time, 

             Love, CrystalNeacole


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